How to Restore Database with Multiple Transaction Log Backup Files SQL Server - SQL Server DBA Tutorial


Let's say we have taken Full backup and multiple transaction log backups of database in one of the folder and now we want to restore them starting with full backup and then selected transaction log backup files.


Step 1:
 In your SSMS, go to Object Explorer Detail by Going to View--> Object Explorer Detail or by hitting F7 Key.

Step 2:
In Object Explorer Detail pane, Right Click on Databases and Select Restore Database.

Step 3: 
Under the Source, Click on Device and then Add Files , Select All the backup files( Full backup+ Transaction log files those you want to restore)

Under Destination, provide the name of Database you want to have. Restore To will show "The last backup taken ....." that is the date time your last selected transaction log backup file. You can change the Timeline by clicking on TimeLine button and Select your criteria as you want.

Snapshot to Select Source Files and Destination Database Name

How to restore Database with Multiple Transaction Log backup files in SQL Server 

Timeline: You can select hour, six hours, day , week or provide date time by yourself to which point you want to restore your database from backup files.