AlwaysOn Availability Group on SQL Server Failover Instances Installed in Cluster Mode - SQL Server DBA Tutorial


This video provides a solution to the scenario where it is required to have local availability for SQL Server instances between the nodes on one location i.e. Charlotte - and provides AlwaysOn availability Disaster Recover on another location i.e. NYC.


In this video you will learn following:

1- Overview of 4 node cluster configuration
2- How to setup failover between Two SQL Server instances between 2 nodes out of 4 node cluster
3- How to setup Availability group between SQL Server instances installed on 4 different nodes for DR scenario
4- Limitations of Availability group setup in 4 node cluster environment
5- How to failover AlwaysOn Availability between two replicas
6- How to create DR scenario for AlwaysOn Availability groups

Fig 1: 4 Node Cluster with SQL Server Cluster Always On Availability Group Setup

Setting up AlwaysOn Availability Group on SQL Server Instances Installed in Cluster Mode in 4 Nodes Windows Cluster

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