What's New in SQL Server 2016

Below is the summary of SQL Server 2016 new features. 


What’s New?

1-     Query Store
a)      Captures queries, query plans, runtime statistics, etc.
b)      Can enforce polices to direct SQL Server Query processor to execute in specific manner
c)      Contains query work load history
d)      Helps system-wide or database level performance analysis and troubleshooting
e)      New system views are added to support Query store
2-     Live Query Statistics
a)      Live Query plans with system resources consumption such as CPU, memory for all running queries in the plan
b)      You can drill down further into live running queries from its query plan
c)      Helps you watch change of statistics during query execution
3-     Native JSON Support
a)      Language - Independent data-interchange format
b)      Modern Web and Mobile Applications are using it
c)      Alternate XML
d)      Parsing done via Standard JavaScript function
e)      Easier and faster than XML parsing
f)       Several new T-SQL constructs introduced to facilitate JSON
4-     Temporal Database support
a)      Keep track data in the database (Current and historical)
b)      Provides ability to query the table snapshot for any point in time
c)      Data can be restored to any known state without downtime
d)      Help regulate compliance and audit
e)      Help implementing slowly changing dimension
5-     Always Encrypted
a)      Encrypted data at rest and in motion
b)      Encryption master key resides at Application
c)      No application change required (Simple SSIS Package convergence)
6-     Row Level Security
a)      Security can be defined on a complete row
7-     Column Store
a) Column store index on your in-memory table for higher throughput
8-     Polybase
a) Querying relational and non-relational data
b) Example: SQL + Hadoop  (With the help of external table)
9-     Advance Analytics
a)      Data Scientists can get model or templates from MS Azure where others are sharing and    
hook it up with their real time data for data examining
10-  BI on Mobile Devices
a)      All BI on Mobile: (New) – DataZen App
                                               I.          Windows
                                             II.          iOS
                                            III.          Android
                                            IV.          HTML5

11-  Data Stretch to MS Azure
a)      Stretch the data to the cloud (Turn the feature on and it works with Always Encrypted)
a.      Remote data archive (DBA)
b.      Stretch tables into Azure
c.      Power BI Scenarios with SSIS
b)      Enhanced Backup/restore for stretched databases

12-  SSDT (All in One)

What's new in SQL Server 2016