TFS 2015 Tutorial - 01: What's New in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015?

Structure Changes

1License changes – For the Basic License, below features are available now
a)      Web based Test execution
b)      Agile Portfolio Management
c)      Work Item Chart Authoring
d)      Team Rooms
2 Database Schema Changes
a)      Significant Changes to the Database schema
b)      Actual upgrade is done offline
c)      Certain time consuming tasks can be completed when TFS is online
d)      Upgrade Wizard available to upgrade from 2013 to 2015
3Project Extension Changes
a)      Project Server integration Extension is separate download and install if you would like to create integration between TFS and EPM
  SharePoint Extension
a)      TFS special installer is no longer available, you have to go to the server (If SharePoint is on a different server) and Run TFS installer to configure TFS Extensions for SharePoint

Feature Updates:

1-     Identity control and avatars
a)      User profile (Fullname, Email address and Avatar)
b)      List of Most Recent Users who has been assigned work items
c)      Easy to search Users in your account
2-     Taskboard: Bugs on your backlogs and boards
a)      Template independent Bugs on your backlogs and boards
3-     Product backlog updates
a)      Drill down to more layers of backlog, even to the task level
b)      Toggle Levels using parent filter
c)      Work items owned by other teams can be viewed with one glance
4-     Sprint backlog and task board updates
a)      Un-parented tasks view
b)      Pending Items view warning
5-     Customize and configure your cards
a)      Options for showing data on your Card
b)      Show tags directly on your cards
c)      Priority and Severity of Bugs on the card
6-     Kanban board updates
a)      Adding and editing directly from Kanban board
b)      Reordering on Kanban board is available
c)      Filtering is available
d)      New feature Split columns is available (Doing and Done)
e)      Swimlanes are available
7-     Turn off the first column on the CFD chart
a)      Omit first column in CFD Chart
b)      Choice of showing long backlog or just the active items
8-     SAFe support for Process Templates
a)      Scale Agile Framework built-in support is available
b)      Epic Work Item is added
c)      Epic Work Item Type (Architectural vs Business)
9-     Process Templates renamed
Process Templates can be customized using import/export Template manager
10-  Current iteration query token
a)      Auto update query for new iterations
b)      Limitations (Doesn’t work with excel)
11-  Query progressive disclosure
a)      Query load limits to 2 levels to quicken the performance
12-  Branch policies
a)      You can define policies on your GIT repository Branches
13-  Branch policies - Gated build
a)      Build policy to ensure successful build
14-  Branch policies - Code review
a)      You can add code reviewer before commit your changes to the branch
15-  Branch history (pushes & pull requests)
Push and Pull history is available for branches
16-  Web history view for Git projects
Traceability view is provided via history for all GIT projects
17-  Quick code editing
Quick code edit is available now from Web Access and you can commit your changes right there
18-  History control
History tab is available in web access view
19-  View history on a folder
History can be viewed on folder level which shows history of underneath items
20-  Build automation system
a)      Lots of enhancement in Build Automation
b)      We will take a look during our demo
21-  Team project rename
Team project can be renamed now
22-  REST APIs
a)      JSON support is available to integrate TFS with external devices
23-  Service hooks
a)      Integrate TFS with your external devices such as IPhone, Android etc.  
24-  Improved merge performance

25-  Cloud-based load tests

What's new in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 - TFS 2015 Tutorial

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