How To Create a Galera Cluster with MariaDB 10.2 on CentOS Servers - MariaDB Admin Tutorial

How to Create a Galera Cluster with MariaDB 10 2 on CentOS Servers video demo covers below items

  • How to  check Linux version for MariaDB installation
  • Create or Edit MairaDB.repo
  • Install MariaDB Server and MariaDB Client
  • Start MariaDB Service
  • Run secure Installation of MariaDB 
  • Log into MariaDB by using root and create database to test if installation of MariaDB went fine.
  • How to make changes to sever.cnf to enable Galera Cluster
  • How to start Galera Cluster on firest Node
  • How to start MariaDB service on 2nd node to join Galera Cluster
  • Create Database on each of the node and check if Replication is working fine in Galera Cluster.

How to install and configure Galera Cluster with MariaDB step by step

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