How to Install MariaDB on Windows 10

MariaDB Administration Tutorial 

How to Install MariaDB on Windows 10

TechBrothers has started a new Tutorial " MariaDB Administration". This is first video of Tutorial which covers below topics

  • How to download MariaDB for Windows Installation
  • How to Run Installation Process for MariaDB on Windows 10.
  • How to provide location for MariaDB installation directory
  • Provide the Root Password during MariaDB installation on Windows 10

Choose the features while installing MariaDB on Windows 10
  • MySQL Client
  • MySQL Database service
  • HeidiSQL Third Party interface to connect to MariaDB

At the end of the video, I showed
  • How to create the database by using MySQL Client interace
  • How to connect to HeidiSQL and connect to MariaDB
  • How to use mysql -uroot -p to connect to MariaDB

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