How to Restore a database in MySQL or MariaDB


You are working as MySQL or MariaDB Admin and you have taken the full backup of a database by using mysqldump utility, Now you need to restore that backup to database, how would you do that?


To take full backup of a database in MySQL or MairaDB , below mysqldump command can be used.
shell > mysqldump --user=YourUserName --password=PasswordfortheUser DatabaseName >/DestinationDirectory/BackupFileName.sql
Let's say if you have a database name testdb and you would like to take full backup, you can use below command

shell > mysqldump --user=root --password=DBA123 testdb >/mysqlbackup/testdb.sql

To Restore, you will be using below command. Make sure you have created empty database first , otherwise you will get an error.

shell > mysql --user=UserName --password=PasswordforUser DatabaseName < /SourceDirectoryforBackup/BackupFile.sql
Let's say if we would like to restore testdb, I can use below statement.
shell > mysql --user=root --password=DBA123 testdb < /mysqlbackup/testdb.sql

Video Demo : How to restore Database in MariaDB

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