How to Create Table by using MySQL Workbench GUI | MySQL Development Tutorial

As MySQL Developer or DBA, most of the time you will be using some graphical user interface (tool) such as MySQL Workbench or Heidi SQL to connect to MySQL or MairaDB. If you are using MySQL Workbench and you need to create table. You will follow below steps.

  1. Connect to MySQL or MariaDB in MySQL workbench
  2. Go to Navigator pane and then go to SCHEMAS tab. 
  3. Go to Schema or Database in which you would like to create the table.
  4. Click on Tables tab, Right click and choose create table.
  5. Provide Table name and add columns. Also add Constraints if you like.

In video demo, I have explained all the steps in detail, how you can create a table in MySQL Workbench step by step.

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