MySQL / MariaDB Developer Tutorial Beginner to Advance

Chapter 1 :  Database

  1. How to create / drop database/Schema in MySQL or MairaDB 
  2. How to get size of MySQL Databases or MariaDB Databases
  3. How to check if MySQL database exists
  4. How to get list of all MySQL Databases

Chapter 2 : Tables / Columns

  1. How to create table by using Create table statement in MySQL/MariaDB
  2. How to Create Table by using MySQL Workbench GUI
  3. How to Rename Table or Column in MySQL Database
  4. How AUTO INCREMENT property works in MySQL or MariaDB 
  5. What is Primary Key in MySQL and How to create Primary Key in MySQL
  6. Comments in MySQL or MariaDB
  7. How to use "Create Table AS" in MySQL or Mairadb
  8. What is Unique Constraint and How to create Unique Constraint in MySQL
  9. How to drop Unique Constraint in MySQL / MariaDB
  10. What is Check Constraint in MySQL, How to create Check Constraint in MariaDB
  11. What is Foreign Key and How to create Foreign Key in MySQL / MariaDB
  12. What is the difference between Unique Constraint and Primary Key
  13. NOT NULL Constraint in MySQL / MariaDB
  14. How to Alter table ( Add Column, Drop Column, Modify Data type) in MySQL
  15. How to create and drop Temporary Table in MySQL or MairaDB
  16. Get the new record primary key ID from MySQL insert query
  17. How to get the next Auto Increment id in MySQL
  18. How to  start auto increment from a specific point in MySQL
  19. How to insert data into MySQL Table
  20. Inserting multiple rows in MySQL Table in Single Statement
  21. How to get the sizes of the tables of a MySQL database
  22. How to get record counts for all tables in MySQL database
  23. How to Add Auto_Increment column to existing Table
  24. How to Reset Auto_Increment Column in MySQL Table
  25. How to drop or disable Auto_Increment Property of column in MySQL Table
  26. How to add Computed Column in MySQL Table
  27. How to add column to all tables in MySQL Database
  28. How to Rename Column in all tables in MySQL Database

Chapter 3 : Retrieve Data

  1. How to Select data from Table in MySQL or MariaDB
  2. How to Select Distinct Data from Table in MySQL or MariaDB
  3. How to use Limit in MySQL Query
  4. How to use Count in MySQL Query
  5. FOUND_ROWS() Function for Total Number of Rows Affected in MySQL
  6. How to get Random Rows from MySQL Table
  7. Using Union and order by clause in MySQL
  8. How to use Sorting ( Order By ) in MySQL or MairaDB
  9. How to use Group by to group data in MySQL or MariaDB
  10. How to use Min and Max Functions in MySQL or MairaDB
  11. How to use Union Operator in MySQL
  12. How to use Union ALL Operator in MySQL
  13. How to use Minus in MySQL or MairaDB or Alternative of Minus Operator
  14. How to use INTERSECT in MySQL or MariaDB
  15. MySQL Rollup
  16. Null and Blank values in MySQL
  17. How to check if a column is empty or null in MySQL
  18. How to find Duplicate Records in MySQL Table

Chapter 4 :  Operators and Comparison Functions 

Chapter 3: MySQL Loops

  1. How to use CASE statement in MySQL or MariaDB
  2. How to use IF THEN ELSE in MySQL
  3. How to use 1TERATE in MySQL
  4. How to use LEAVE in MySQL
  5. How to use Loop in MySQL or MariaDB
  6. How to use Repeate loop in MySQL
  7. How to use Return in MySQL
  8. How to use While Loop in MySQL or MairaDB

Chapter 4 - JOINS

  1. Inner join in MySQL 
  2. Outer Join in MySQL 
  3. Left Outer Join in MySQL 
  4. Right Outer Join in MySQL
  5. Full Outer Join in MySQL or MariaDB
  6. How to use Subquery in MySQL or MariaDB

Chapter 5: Update / Delete Rows

  1. How to delete data from single Table
  2. CasCade Delete in MySQL 
  3. How to Update data in MySQL or MariaDB
  4. MySQL Replace
  5. MySQL Delete Join
  6. How to Truncate a table in MySQL | How to Truncate all Tables in MySQL
  7. How to delete a certain row from MySQL table with same column values

Chapter 7 ( Functions and Stored Procedures)

Variables in MySQL
How to create function in MySQL
Build in Functions in MySQL
How to find existing functions
how to drop function in MySQL or MariaDB
What is Stored Procedure, what are paramters types
how to create procedure and execute in MySQL
How to drop Stored Procedure in MySQL and MariaDB

Chapter 8 (Cursor)

What is Cursor in MySQL
What are differnet types of Cursors in MySQL or MariaDB
How to create cursor in MySQL or MairaDB

Chapter 10 - MySQL Triggers

  1. What is After Delete Trigger in MySQL
  2. What is After Insert Trigger in MySQL
  3. Method 1- What is After Update Trigger in MySQL 
  4. Method 2- What is After Update Trigger in MySQL
  5. What is Before Delete Trigger in MySQL
  6. What is Before Update Trigger in MySQL
  7. What is Drop Trigger in MySQL

Chapter 11-  String Functions 

  1. CONCAT Function - How to Concatenate multiple rows into single filed in MySQL
  2. How to convert string into date in MySQL
    How to concatenate two columns into single in MySQL
    How to concatenate multiple Rows into single field in MySQL

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