How To Check Edition of SSIS Installed on Server with SQL Server Installed - SSIS Tutorial

 Issue: How to Check Edition of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS ) Installed on Server

Sometimes we need to find out which Edition of SSIS we have installed on the server. As we know that SSIS service can be installed on a server stand-alone and does not require SQL Server installed on the same machine. 


The first thing that comes to mind, to go to SQL server configuration manager and take a look. I can see that I have SSIS 2019 installed but do not say if it is standard or enterprise edition.

There is a summary.txt file that is generated when we install SSIS/SQL Server.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log

In the summary.txt file, you will see records like below. Under the Edition, you will see Developer Edition or Enterprise Edition.

How to find out edition of SSIS Installed on Windows Server - SSIS Tutorial