Unable to install SSIS Devops Tools from Marketplace on-premises- We've encountered an error while downloading the extension. Please try again later

 Issue :

When you try to install SSIS DevOps Tools from MarketPlace to DevOps on-prem DevOps server, you are getting an error "We've encountered an error while downloading the extension. Please try again later."


You cannot install SSIS DevOps Tools because the default extension size is equal to 25 MB and SSIS DevOps Tools extension size is greater than 25 MB. Therefore, to install SSIS DevOps Tools extension on-prem, we will be increasing the "The extension package size" to 30 MB.

Here are the steps
1) Take a full backup of your database before applying the below script to increase extension package size.
2) Execute below script to set extension package size to 30 MB.

DECLARE @keyvalues dbo.typ_keyvaluepairstringtablenullable;

INSERT @keyvalues

VALUES ('#\Configuration\Service\Gallery\LargeExtensionUpload\MaxPackageSizeMB\', '30')

exec prc_UpdateRegistry 1, @keyvalues

This will add a new entry in the table to update the default value.

3) Once step 2 is done. You can follow the link to install SSIS DevOps Tools

4) Open your server, update your server name in below url


5) You need to find Upload Extensions as shown below.

Locate VSIX extension file that you downloaded from the marketplace. This will install the extension to the server.

As you have uploaded the extension, Now you need to CONFIGURE the SSIS DevOps Tools extension for your specific collection.

Open your server url http://TFSURL:8080/tfs/_gallery , you will change TFSURL to your Server name.

Now you will notice that the SSIS DevOps Tools extension shows up as shown below.

Click on SSIS DevOps Tools, and it will take you to "Get it free". 

Click and configure for collection you want to. You are all done here, you can go to the collection now, and you will see the extension there.

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