How to Install Self-Hosted Integration Runtime on Azure VM by using Private EndPoint

Issue: How to Install Self-Hosted Integration Runtime on Azure Virtual Machine by using Private EndPoint.

In this article, we are going to learn how to install self-hosted Integration runtime on Azure virtual machine by using a private endpoint, in this article, we will discuss each and every single thing about the self-hosted IR, Azure Virtual Machine, and Private endpoint, let's start our demonstration.

How to create a Virtual Network:

Open your Azure portal then find and go to the Virtual Networks, then click on + Create on the left top corner to create a new Virtual Network, in the basics tab select your subscription, then provide the resource group, then name your virtual machine, then select your region, and then click on Review + Create and then click on create.

Once our virtual network is created, now we are going to create subnets inside the virtual network.

How to create Subnets:

Open your virtual network then go to the subnets under the settings tab at the left side, and then click on + Subnet to create a new subnet, then name your subnet and then leave the rest as it is and click on Save. ''create two subnets one for the Virtual machine and the other one for Azure Data Factory''.

How to Create Virtual Machine:

We will create two virtual machines here, one will have a private IP and the other one will have a public IP. To create a virtual machine, go to the Azure portal dashboard, then find and click on the Virtual Machines, then click on + Create to create a virtual machine, then select your subscription, then provide the resource group, then name your virtual machine and then select the region.

Provide the username and create a strong password, then select none for Public inbound ports, make sure we are not going to allow public IP for this VM,  and then next to the Disks.

Select the Operation System disks type as per your requirement, and then hit next to the networking, here on the networking window select the subnet which we have already created for our virtual machine, and then click on Review + Create and then click on create.

Once our Virtual machine is created let's create another one.

Click on + Create to create a virtual machine, then select your subscription, then provide the resource group, then name your virtual machine and then select the region, then Provide the username and create a strong password, then here we will select allow selected ports for Public inbound ports as RDP (3389) and then next to the Disks and select the Operation System disks type as per your requirement and then next to the networking.

On the networking, tab select your subnet and then rdp-vm-ip, then select '' Allow selected ports'' then click on Review + Create and then click on Create.

Once both virtual machines are created let's create a new Azure Data Factory.

How to create an Azure Data Factory:

Open your Azure portal find and go to the Data factories, then click on the + Create button at the top left corner, then select the Azure subscription, then provide the resource group, then name your data factory, select your region, and then go to the git configuration tab and create the data factory without git configuration.

Once our Azure data Facotry is created, let's create a private Endpoint.

How to Create a Private Endpoint:

Go to the Azure Data Factory, then go to the networking under the settings tab at the left side, in the network access name select the Private endpoint, then click on private endpoint connections, then click on + Private Endpoint to create a private endpoint.

In the basics tab, select the Azure subscription, then provide your resource group, then name your private endpoint then select your region and click on next to the resource.

On the Resource tab, select the connection method, then select your Azure subscription, then select resource type, then select resource group, then select Target sub-resource, and then next to the configuration

On the configuration tab, select the virtual network, then select the subnet, then select your Azure subscription, select the private DNZ zone and then click on Review + create and then click on create.

Once we are done with our private endpoint connections let's connect to our virtual machine which has a public IP.

Once we are connected with our Virtual machine, go to the server manager, then click on the local server and disable the IE enhanced security configuration.

Next, from this virtual machine connect with our second Virtual Machine which has a Private IP where we have to install our self-hosted Integration Runtime.

Meanwhile, our VM is opening, let's create our Self-Hosted IR.

How to create Self Hosted Integration Runtime:

To create a self-Hosted IR go to the Azure Data factory studio, then go to the Manage tab, then click on integration runtimes, then click on the + New button.

Select the Azure Self-Hosted, then click on continue.

Then select Self-Hosted, and click on continue then name your Self-Hosted IR and click on Create.

Next, go back to our virtual machine which has a Private IP, then open the Internet Explorer and download the latest version of Integration Runtime and then install it.

Once the Integration Runtime is installed successfully, go back to the Azure data factory, go to the integration runtimes select your IR and copy the Authentication key, then go back to the Virtual machine and paste and click on Register once it got registered click on finish. 

Video Demo: How to Install Self-Hosted Integration Runtime on Azure VM by using Private EndPoint 



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