How to Make your FTP Connection Manager Dynamic in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial

In this video we are going to learn how to use Variables/Parameters to save the values for FTP Server, User Name, Password, Remote Path, Local Path as these can change according to the environment ( SIT, QA,UAT and production)

The goal is not to make any changes in our SSIS Package and use the Variables/ Parameters to make our SSIS Package more dynamic and pass values to these Variables/Parameters by using SSIS Configuration according to the environment is will run such as QA,UAT,SIT, Prod.

What we will learn in this video
How to Create SSIS Package from Scratch
How to create variables/Parameters in SSIS Package
How to use variables/Parameters in FTP Connection Manager Expressions and in FTP Task

How to use Variable/Parameters in FTP Connection Managers for Password,UserName and FTP Server Address

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