How To Use Dynamic Query in Lookup Transformation in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Tutorial


We have a big reference table from which we need to extract records in Lookup so we can use against Source File. The table has the data from three regions AS,EU and NA. The files come with the name AS_FileName,EU_FileName and NA_FileName, Instead of extracting all the records for lookup , we want to extract the records according to the region Name. How can we perform that?

What we will learn in this video

  1. How to create SSIS Package from scratch
  2. How to Loop through files by using For-each Loop Container in SSIS Package
  3. How to Read the part of File Name and Save into Variable by using Expressions
  4. How to make use Variable to make Lookup Query dynamic in SSIS Package
  5. How to filter the rows for Lookup Reference Data Set by using Variable Value


Let's create Lookup ( Reference Table) with some Data.

--drop table [dbo].[Customer_Dst]
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Customer_Dst](
    [CustomerId] [int] NULL,
    [SalesAmt] int

--drop table [dbo].[Lkp_Customer]
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Lkp_Customer](
    [CustomerId] [int] NULL,
    [CustomerName] [varchar](100) NULL,
    [StreetAddress] [varchar](100) NULL,
    [City] [varchar](100) NULL,
    [State] [char](2) NULL,
    [Region] [varchar](2) NOT NULL

insert into  [dbo].[Lkp_Customer]

    SELECT N'1' AS [CustomerId]
        ,N'Aamir' AS [CustomerName]
        ,N'1234 Street' AS [StreetAddress]
        ,N'Sahiwal' AS [City]
        ,'PJ' AS [State]
        ,N'AS' AS [Region]
    SELECT N'2' AS [CustomerId]
        ,N'M Raza' AS [CustomerName]
        ,N'Test Street Address' AS [StreetAddress]
        ,N'Lahore' AS [City]
        ,N'PJ' AS [State]
        ,N'AS' AS [Region]
    SELECT N'3' AS [CustomerId]
        ,N'Robert' AS [CustomerName]
        ,N'1234 Street' AS [StreetAddress]
        ,N'FrankFurt' AS [City]
        ,'Germany' AS [State]
        ,N'EU' AS [Region]
    SELECT N'4' AS [CustomerId]
        ,N'John' AS [CustomerName]
        ,N'1234 Street' AS [StreetAddress]
        ,N'Paris' AS [City]
        ,'France' AS [State]
        ,N'EU' AS [Region]
    SELECT N'5' AS [CustomerId]
        ,N'Sam' AS [CustomerName]
        ,N'1234 Street' AS [StreetAddress]
        ,N'Charlotte' AS [City]
        ,N'NC' AS [State]
        ,N'NA' AS [Region]
    ) t;

Query for the Lookup

Select CustomerId,CustomerName,Region from [dbo].[Lkp_Customer] Where Region='AS'

Expressions for RegionCode Variable
Substring( @[User::FileName],1,2)

Expressions for Flat File Connection Manager
@[User::LocalFolder]+"\\"+ @[User::FileName]

How to use Variable in Lookup Transformation SQL Query to Make it Dynamic in SSIS Package

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