How to Upload Single File to FTP Sever by using FTP Task in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial


Every day at 5:00 PM our company create a file that we need to share with our Clients. The way we want to share this file with our client is by using FTP Server. We need to create an SSIS Package that can read the file from our local folder and upload to the FTP Server. If file exists on FTP Server already , we want to overwrite it.


In this video we will learn how to use TFP Task to upload a file from our local folder to FTP Server. 
we will learn following items in this video

  1. How to create an SSIS Package from scratch
  2. How to create variables in SSIS Package and use them in FTP Task
  3. How to use FTP Task to read from Local folder and upload to  FTP Server
  4. How to Create FTP Connection and avoid errors while creating it
  5. How to overwrite file at destination if exists by using FTP Task

Upload Single File from Local Folder to FTP Server by using FTP Task in SSIS Package

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  1. ftp:\\ and no longer works. Microsoft shut that FTP server down a couple years back.

  2. Thank you sir making these videos to help beginners.