How to Install Windows 10 from Scratch Step by Step

How to install windows 10 from basics step by step

In this video you will learn following:
1- How to download windows 10 media creation Tool?
2- What does windows 10 media creation tool do for you?
3- How to select media such as USB, DVD or ISO file to install windows 10?
4- How to setup Boot Option from USB or DVD in your PC Bios Setup?
5- System requirements for installing windows 10 from scratch?
6- How to identify which Operating system Type are you currently running?
7- Step by step demo of windows 10 installation from scratch.

How to Install Windows 10 from Scratch Step by Step

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  1. Here is a concise step-by-step guide to installing Windows 10 from scratch:

    Prepare Installation Media: Download the Windows 10 installation files from Microsoft's website and create a bootable USB drive using the Media Creation Tool.
    Boot from USB: Insert the USB drive into your computer and restart. Enter the BIOS settings (usually by pressing a key like F2 or Del during startup) to change the boot order and prioritize booting from the USB drive.
    Start Installation: Once the computer boots from the USB, follow the on-screen prompts to begin the Windows 10 installation.
    Choose Settings: Select your language, time, and keyboard preferences.
    Install Windows: Click "Install Now" and enter the product key if prompted (or skip this step to activate later).
    Accept License Terms: Agree to the Microsoft software license terms.
    Choose Installation Type: Select "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)" to perform a clean installation.
    Partition Setup: Choose the drive where you want to install Windows 10. You may need to format the drive if necessary.
    Complete Installation: Follow the prompts to complete the installation process. Your computer will restart several times.
    Set Up Windows: After installation, follow the on-screen instructions to personalize settings, create user accounts, and configure Windows 10 to your preferences.