SSRS Tutorial 56 - Pass Parameter Values from Image Click in SSRS Report

In this video of SSRS Tutorial, you will learn
" How to pass parameter value from Image Click in SSRS Report to Tablix Dataset". We will have two images in our report. Which will show Country such as Pakistan and India. By Clicking on each of image we want to show only the data related to that country in our tablix.

  1. We will learn how to add Images to the SSRS Report
  2. How to Add Images in Report Header so they will be display on every page if we will have records going to multiple pages
  3. How to create Dataset with single Parameter and then use Dataset fields in Tablix
  4. How to pass value to the parameter from Image Click 
  5. How to Hide Parameter and Set default value for Parameter

 Pass parameter values from Image Click in SSRS Report - SSRS Tutorial

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