How to Configure Availability Group in SQL Server 2016 - SQL Server 2016 DBA Tutorial


How to Configure Availability Group in SQL Server 2016?

Solution :

The video demo will walk you through all the steps required to create / configure AlwaysOn availability Group in SQL Server 2016. Below items are covered.

  • What are requirements and best practices of configuring Availability group in SQL Server 2016?
  • How to prepare Windows node to be added as part of AG 2016 Cluster
  • How to Create Windows Cluster step by step 
  • What are the best practices of creating Availability Group Windows Cluster
  • How to Configure Availability Group Role in SQL Server 2016
  • How to resolve error like 
  • User/Cluster doesn’t have permission to create computer object in Active Directory or DNS
  • Node 1 cannot communicate with Node2 
  • Joining Database takes forever and throw permission error
  • Missing End Point in Availability Group properties

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