How to Install and Configure SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services - SQL Server 2016 DBA Tutorial


You are working as SQL Server DBA and you need to install SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services. How would you perform SSAS 2016 installation.

The below video demo will show you all the steps you need to perform SSAS installation.
1. SSAS 2016 installation step by step
2. What are pre-requisites of SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services
3. How to add SSAS 2016 to an existing SQL Server
4. When to choose Multidimensional Data and Mining mode
5. When to Choose Tabular Mode
6. When to Choose PowerPivot Mode
7. SSAS 2016 Installation best practices
8. SSAS 2016 Configuration best practices
9. How to connect to Analysis Services using SQL Server Management Studio

Video Demo : Install SSAS 2016 Installation


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