How to Get Max and Min values from a Table by using Aggregate Function - SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Part 129


Let's say you are working as SQL Server Developer, you have dbo.Customer table with SaleAmount. You are asked to write a query that should return Max SaleAmount and Min SaleAmount from the dbo.Customer table.


You can use Max and Min aggregate functions in SQL Server to find the Maximum and Minimum values.

Let's create dbo.Customer Table with sample data so we can use Max and Min functions.

Create table dbo.Customer
 (Id int,
  FName VARCHAR(50),
  LName VARCHAR(50),
  CountryShortName CHAR(2),
  SaleAmount Int)
--Insert Rows in dbo.Customer Table
insert into dbo.Customer
Values (

Let's run the below query with Max and Min functions to finder the answer of our question.

SELECT Max(saleamount) AS MaxSaleAmount, 
       Min(saleamount) AS MinSaleAmount 
FROM   dbo.customer 

How to use Max and Min function in SQL Server


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