How to find out who has deleted Azure Data Factory or other Resources in Azure - Azure Tutorial 2021

 Issue: How to find out who has deleted Azure Data Factory or other Resources in Azure.

In this article, we are going to learn how to find out who has deleted the Azure data factory or other resources in the Azure. let's go to the Azure portal and take a look, open the Azure portal, and click on the list view icon on the left side, it will drop down the window and select the monitor from that window as shown in the picture below.

Once you open the monitor, then click on Activity log,  so this activity log will prove a lot of information, select the subscription which you want to see the details or logs, then you have the option Event severity in which you have for options which are Critical, Error, Warning and Informational you can select all or you can select a couple of them or one of them, it's depends on your requirement, and then you have an option Timespan, in this option, you can select the time duration, as you need the logs from last 6 hours or last 24hours or you need logs for a whole month, you can select whatever you want, and then you have to add the filter option, with this option you can add more filters ie. Resource, Resource type, Operation, Event initiated by or Event category, I have selected the resource group and how it looks like see in the picture below.

In the above picture, you can see the Delete data factory logs and create or update logs, if you need more information regarding any log just click on that and it will open a window on the right side and will show a summary and also it will show in the JSON file which you can see in the picture below.

It is further that if you want to search the logs by keywords like you want to see all the logs about the database, you can write in the search bar and it will bring all the logs related to the database as shown in the picture below.

Video Demo: How to find out who has deleted Azure Data Factory or other Resources in Azure


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