How to upload files from On-Prem to Azure Data Lake Gen2 by using SSIS Package

Issue : How to upload files from On-Prem to Azure Data Lake Gen2 by using SSIS Package 

In this article we are going to learn how to upload files from on-premises to Azure data lake Gen2, by using the (SSIS) SQL Server Integration Sservices package, first of all, we have to create azure data lake storage Generation 2, for creating ADLS Gen2, Open Azure Portal, and in the search bar search for the Storage accounts, and click on that, it will open a page just fill the required fields as shown in the picture below, which are, Subscription, Resource group, Storage account name, region, performance, Redundancy and then click on advance and select the ''Enable Hierarchical namespace'' which means ADLS Gen2 type of storage, if you don't do that that will be create a normal blob storage, click Review + create and then click on Create.

Meanwhile, the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is being created, let's go to Visual Studio 2017, and create SQL Server Integration Package, for creating SSIS package, Click on File then click on new + project then select integration services project then name the project and click ok as shown in the picture below.

Once our SQL Server Integration Services package is created right-click on the project and go to the properties and change the target server version, in my case I am using visual studio 2017, change it 2017, and click ok, now go to the toolbox at the left side and click on the ''flexible file task'' under the azure tab and drag it,  double click on that a new window will open which is shown in the picture below, in this window gove the source folder path, then source file name, select the destination connection type and then create a connection, click on the new connection and select the ''Data Lake Storage Gen2'', then give the account name, account key and then click ok, as the connection is made then select the Destination Folder path in my case it in ''Input'', then provide the file path and click ok and Execute the task.

Once our task is executed go to the progress it will show the copied file here which we provide, now if you want to copy all the files just go back to your flexible file task editor and change the source file name as ''*'' and the Destination Filename will be blank as shown in the picture below..

After the change in flexible task editor go to the dashboard and execute task again, and go to the progress it will copy all those files which are existing in that folder.

Video Demo: How to Upload Files from On-Prem to Azure Data Lake Gen2 by using SSIS Package - SSIS Tutorial 2021

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