Boolean Variable in Azure Data Factory Real-time Example Control Execution Flow of Activities in Pipeline

Topic: Boolean Variable in Azure Data Factory.

In this article, we are going to learn about Boolean variables in the Azure data factory, how we can use Boolean variables in our pipelines to execute data, lets's start our demonstration.

Open your Azure Data Factory Studio, go to the Author tab, click on the + button to create a new pipeline.

Inside the pipeline, go to the Variables tab, click on the + New button to create a new variable, name your variable, select the variable type which is Boolean, then provide the default value.

Find and bring the If condition activity, go to the Activities tab, in the expressions click on Add dynamic content, then select the variable we created earlier. 

Click on the true part and then configure.

Inside the true part find and bring the wait activity, go to the general tab, then name the activity ''Wait for True''.

Once we are done with our true part, go to the false part, bring the wait activity, then name the activity ''Wait for false value'' then click on Debug to execute the pipeline.


Our pipeline execution was completed successfully, and it execute the false part, as we set our variable value to the false. in the video demo, we explained the Boolean variable in a real-time scenario with multiple examples.


Video Demo: Boolean Variable in Azure Data Factory Real-time Example Control Execution Flow of Activities in Pipeline


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