What is Wait Activity In Azure Data Factory | Azure Data Factory Tutorial 2022

Issue: What Is Wait Activity in Azure Data Factory.

In this article, we are going to learn about the Wait activity, When you use a Wait activity in a pipeline, the pipeline waits for a specified period before continuing with the execution of subsequent activities, let's start our demonstration.

Open your Azure data factory studio, go to the author tab, click on + sign and create a new pipeline, find and bring the Get metadata activity, go to the dataset tab, and click on the + New button to create a new one dataset.

Select Azure blob storage then click on continue.

Select file format as CSV, then click on continue.

Name your dataset, select the linked service, select the folder path, Import schema from connection/store, and click on Ok.

In the dataset tab, click on filed list, click on the + New button, then select the Child items it will bring the list of the files from my blob storage, then I can choose the files from that list.

Find and bring the Filter activity, go to the settings tab, then in the items field click on Add dynamic content, then select the Get metadata activity, and add .childitems in the end, in the condition field write the expressions and in the end mention the required files.

Next, find and bring the ForEach loop activity, go to the settings tab, in the items click on add dynamic content, select the Filter activity, in the end, add .Value

Inside the ForEach loop activity find and bring the wait activity, then in the settings tab, you can select the time as per your requirement, after that you can add a copy data activity or other activity then go back to the pipeline and execute the pipeline.

Video Demo: What is Wait Activity In Azure Data Factory



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