How to Use IF Condition in Azure Data Factory - Azure Data Factory Tutorial

Issue: How to Use IF Condition Activity, in Azure Data Factory.

In this article, we are going to learn about IF condition activity, in Azure Data Factory, what is IF condition activity, and how we can use the IF condition activity, The IF condition activity provides the same functionality that a statement provides in the programming language, it executes a set of activities, when the condition evaluates to True, and another set of activities when the condition evaluates to Fail, in this article i will show you how to configure the wait activity.

Open the Azure data factory, go to the author tab, click on the pipeline, then click on New pipeline, find and bring the IF condition activity.

Click on the white canvas, it will show the tabs, go to the Parameters tab, click on the + New button and create a parameter.

Click on the activity, go to the Activities tab, then click on the '' Add dynamic content.

Write the expressions and click on Ok.

Click on the true part of if condition, inside the true part, find and bring the wait activity.

Same way go inside the false part,  and find and bring the wait activity inside and back to the pipeline, then you can use the Copy data activity or any other activity as per your requirement, and connect with the wait activity.

Video Demo: How to Use IF Condition in Azure Data Factory - Azure Data Factory Tutorial 2021- ADF Tutorial


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