SQL Server DBA Tutorial

Below are the links that provide video learning on You Tube our channel " Tech Brothers" - These videos walk you through step by step of SQL Server 2014 DBA Tutorial/Training. Video Tutorials  provide beginner to advance level Training on SQL Server 2014 DBA Topics.


  1. How to find installed Features in windows 8.1
  2.  How to install SQL Server 2014 step by step
  3. How to Install SQL Server 2016 Step by Step
  4. How to Install Data Quality Services (DQS) in SQL Server
  5. How to Install and configure Master Data Services in SQL Server
  6. How to Install Data Quality Services Client
  7. How to Install SSIS in SQL Server 2014
  8. How to Create Integration Services Catalog
  9. How to install and configure Reporting services in SQL Server 2014
  10. How to Install SQL Server Data Tools ( SSDT )

SQL Server /Windows Cluster

  1. How to Install SQL Server 2014 in Cluster mode
  2. How to Add a Disk to Existing Cluster?
  3. Cluster Pre-requisites Checklist
  4. Setting Up Service Accounts for Cluster Nodes
  5. How to Install Clustering Services on the First Node
  6. How to Install Clustering Services on the second Node
  7. How to add a new Node to Cluster
  8. How to verify Cluster Installation
  9. Configure Distributed Transaction Coordinator(DTC) in SQL Server Cluster
  10. Active Active and Active Passive Cluster Configuration Overview
  11. How to Install SQL Server in Active Passive Cluster
  12. How to Configure Active Active Cluster
  13. Checklist before we start SQL Server Installation for Cluster
  14. How to Configure Static IP Address for SQL Server Instance/s in Cluster
  15. Fail over the Main Node Resource to Another Node
  16. How to Set Preferred Node Order for Failover
  17. Cluster Configuration Manager Demo: Manage SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster
  18. How to Install Service Packs, Hot Fixed and Patches in Cluster
  19. Verify/Validate Cluster configuration
  20. How to Evict a Node from Cluster
  21. How to Remove SQL Server Cluster instance from a Node
  22. How to configure and use Windows Cluster Aware Updating Role - Part 1
  23. How to configure and use Windows Cluster Aware Updating Role - Part 2
  24. How to Rename Windows Cluster


  1. SQL Server Create Database Best Practices
  2. How to Create Database in SQL Server
  3. How to Attach and Detach Databases 
  4. How to Shrink Database And Database Files
  5. How to Take Database Offline and Bring it Online
  6. How to create Database Snapshot
  7. How to Script out an Entire Database in SQL Server
  8. How to change Compatibility level of a database and why do we do that?
  9. How to get Database out of Single User Mode in SQL Server?
  10. How to shrink MDF File of Database in SQL Server?
  11. How to Rename a Database in SQL Server?
  12. How to change database collation from Case Insensitive to Case Sensitive?
  13. How to Retrieve the suspect database ? 
  14. How to find out Owner of Any Database in SQL Server?
  15. How do I change the ownership of a database?
  16. How to avoid using C drive for Database Create in SQL Server?
  17. How to disable Auto growth of Database in SQL Server?
  18. How we can reduce Temp DB size with out restart Server?
  19. How to release unused space of the Tempdb to Operating System(OS)?
  20. How to update stats on all the databases on SQL Server or on Single Database in SQL Server?


  1. What is Login, User, Role and Principals in SQL Server?
  2. How to create Windows Authenticated Login?
  3. How to create SQL Authenticated Login?
  4. How to create Windows Authenticated group login?
  5. How to check Login Status in SQL Server?
  6. How to disable/enable Login in sql server?
  7. How to create a Database user?
  8. How to map a user to an existing Login?
  9. How to create User define Schema in a database?
  10. How to create database role?
  11. How to create an application Role?
  12. How to provide explicit permission to specific tables to a user in a database?
  13. How to provide execute permissions to a specific store procedure?
  14. How to provide View definition permission of database objects to a user?
  15. How to create server Role in SQL Server?
  16. How to create Credentials in SQL Server?
  17. How to see the SQL Server user password in SSMS, Can we script out SQL Server user password?
  18. How to assign default Schema to AD Group in SQL Server?

Contained Database

Backup Database

Restore Database

How to Restore / Rebuild / Recover System Databases

Server Level Auditing

  1. How to Create Server Audit Specifications in SQL Server?
  2. How to create server level Audit in SQL Server?
  3. How to create server level Trigger in SQL Server?
  4. How to create Policies in SQL Server?
  5. How to create Policy Conditions in SQL Server?
  6. How to create and use Facets in SQL Server?

Data Collection and Management Data Warehouse

  1. How to configure Data collection in SQL Server?
  2. How to configure Management Data Warehouse in SQL Server?

Introduction to Extended Events 

  1. What is Extended Events in SQL Server?
  2. How to create an Extended event in SQL Server?
  3. How to Enable and Disable Extended Events in SQL Server?

SQL Server Configuration Manager


  1. What is replication, Types of replication and when to use each type
  2. Why do we use Replication, Provide couple scenarios
  3.  How to Configure Distribution in SQL Server Replication
  4. How to Create Snapshot Replication?
  5. How to Create Transactional Replication?
  6. How to create Merge Replication?
  7. When do we use snapshot replication
  8. What is re initializing means in replication
  9. What is Orphan replication And how would you cleanup replication
  10. Under what circumstances will you re initialize replication
  11. How the schema changes are handled in SQL Server Replication
  12. How would you add new tables in existing replication
  13. How would drop replicated database
  14. How will you truncate the replicated table
  15. Replication Error, can't connect to actual server, @@servername returns Null
  16. How to find out if Replicaiton is failed or broken
  17. How to setup Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication?
  18. How to add Article in Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication?
  19. How to create Merge Replication with Multiple Subscribers and Perform Diff Scenarios
  20. How to Change Sync Time for 60 Seconds to 0 Seconds in Merge Replication

Resource Governor

  1. What is Resouce Governor in SQL Server?
  2. How to Create Resource Pool in Resource Governor of SQL Server?
  3. How to Create WorkLoad  Group in Resource Governor of SQL Server?
  4. How to create Classifier Function in Resource Governor?
  5. How to Enable and Disable Resource Governor in SQL Server?



Linked Server

SQL Server Agent

  1. Overview of SQL Server Agent Configuration?
  2. How to create Job using SQL Server Agent?
  3. Job Categories Overview in SQL Server Agent?
  4. How to create an alert in sql server?
  5. How to create an Operator in SQL SERVER?
  6. How to run SQL Server Agent jobs in Batch file?
  7. How to Run SQL Server Agent Job from Local or Remote SQL Server Agent Job
  8. How to Enable/Disable SQL Server Agent Job, How to Enable Job after some days automatically?
  10. How to get the detail for the cause of the SQL Server Agent job failure?
  11. How to send email to multiple email accounts from SQL Server Agent Job if fails?
  12. How to find out which SQL Server Agent Jobs are running at the moment on SQL Server?

Sql Server Proxies

Configure Database Mail

SQL Server Profiler

Maintenance Plan

  1. How to find blocking and deadlock in SQL Server?
  2. How to send Alter when a process is blocked in SQL Server

Server Level Settings

  1. Migration strategy for SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012/ SQL Server 2014
  2. What is Difference between In place and Parallel Migration in SQL Server?
  3. Explain all the Steps or documents Or a checklist for Migration in SQL Server?
  4. Demo: In Place Migration of SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2014
           a) In-Place Upgrade of SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2014 Part 1
                    - Installation of Upgrade Advisor 2014 and Upgrade Advisor Overview
           b) In-Place Upgrade of SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2014 Part 2 
                   - Upgrading SQL Server 2012 Engine
                   - Upgrading SQL Server 2012 Management components
     5. Demo: Migration for SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012 by using ( Backup/Restore) Method
          a)  Upgrade of SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 Part 1
                   - Upgrade checklist overview
          b)  Upgrade of SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 Part 2
                   - Identifying database
                   - Backing up all source databases
                   - Scripting out login
                   - Scripting out Server Roles
                   - Scripting out Backup devices
                   - Scripting out Server Level Triggers
                   - Scripting out Data Collection
                   - Script out Linked Servers
          c)  Upgrade of SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 Part 3
                   - Mirroring Information from the database
                   - Script out All SQL Server Agent Jobs
                   - Viewing DBMail information on the source
                   - Scripting out Proxy and credentials
                   - Scripting out Operator and Alerts
                   - Scripting out SQL Server Configuration
          d)  Upgrade of SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 Part 4
                   - Overview of Destination Checklist
                   - Restoring Databases on Destination
                   - Changing compatibility to SQL Server 2014
          e)  Upgrade of SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 Part 5
                   - Transferring Logins (Executing Scripted Logins on destination server
                   - Transferring Replication (Executing Source Replication on destination)
                   - Transferring Linked servers (Executing Scripted Linked server)
                   - Transferring Server Level Triggers (Executing Scripted Triggers on destination server)
                   - Scripting out Operator and Alerts
                   - Server Audit and Audit Specification script execution
          f)  Upgrade of SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 Part 6
                   - Creating databases backup Maintenance plan
     6. How do Migrate Logins from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014?
     7. How to Migrate SQL Server Agent Jobs from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014?

SQL Server Database Deployment

  1. What does "Deployment" means for SQL Server DBA?
  2. What are the best practices for SQL Server Deployment?
  3. How to Perform a SQL Server Deployment Step by Step
  4. How to use Team Foundation Server (TFS) and DeploymentDocument for Database Deployment

AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  1. How to Setup/Configure AlwaysOn Availability Group in SQL Server 2014 Step by Step
  2. How to Resolve Availability Group Listner Errors
  3. Setup AlwaysOn Availability group when SQL Server instances are installed in Cluster mode Part1 ( 2 Node Scenario)
  4. Setup AlwaysOn Availability group when SQL Server instances are installed in Cluster mode Part2 ( 2 Node Scenario)
  5. AlwaysOn Availability Group on SQL Server Failover Instances  Installed in Cluster Mode ( 4 Node Scenario)
  6. How to provide Permissions to User on AlwaysOn Availability Group in SQL Server?
  7. How to Plan Backups with Always On Availability Groups in SQL Server
  8. AlwaysOn Availability Group Dashboard Introduction
  9. Setup Alerts for AlwaysOn Availability Group Failover in SQL Server
  10. How to Restore A database which is part of AlwaysOn Availability Group
  11. Patching Or Updating AlwaysOn Availability group Replicas in SQL Server Best Practices
  12. Patching or Updating Availability Group with SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance - Part 1
  13. Patching or Updating Availability Group with SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance - Part 2
  14. Patching or Updating Availability Group with SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance - Part 3
  15. Patching Or Updating SQL Server with multiple AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  16. Patching or Updating Availability Group with one Secondary
  17. How to Apply Windows Updates to Failover Clusters Hosting SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  18. How to setup Replication on AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL Server Part1 Part2 


  1. What are Synonyms and How to Create Synonyms in a Database of SQL Server - DBA Tutorial
  2. How to compare these two databases and find what is the difference between these two databases?
  3. How to Scripts Users with permissions from SQL Server Database?
  4. How to find out who has deleted the Login in SQL Server?
  5. How to find out who has modified or created object in SQL Server?
  6. How to access SQL Server Instance from the network?
  7. How to know the reason why sql server restarted.
  8. How to find when and who dropped my database?
  9. How to find if a server in a cluster is running on Primary node?
  10. How to check the size of SQL Error Log in SQL Server?
  11. How to automate Back up and Restore
  12. How to migrate the integration services (SSIS)
  13. How to send Alter When Storage Drives are 80% filles from SQL Server
  14. How to Drop login with all users from multiple database in SQL Server?
  15. How to Find Users and their AD Groups in SQL Server?
  16. How to Find Port Number of SQL Server instance by using SQL Server Management Studio?


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