How to Create Operating System cmdExec Proxy in SQL Server - SQL Server DBA Tutorial

In this video you will learn how to create operating system (cmdExec) proxy in SQL Server using SQL Server management studio. It shows step by step process of what is Operating System (cmdExec) Proxy, how to create operating system (cmdExec) credentials and how to create proxy using operating system (cmdExec) credentials. It also takes a scenario of when it is good idea to use SQL Server Proxy as well as best practices of creating Proxy in SQL Server.

How to Create Operating System cmdExec Proxy in SQL Server


  1. Excellent! This is a great example of why and how a proxy should be used.

  2. Getting below error while executing a job in sql server agent as cmdexec type.
    The process could not be created for step 2 of job 0xF3B575AF195716498FE5C52FCC711DE3 (reason: %1 is not a valid Win32 application). The step failed.

    Help required. Please suggest.

    1. Did yu fix this, i'm also facing the same issue.

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