How to Change Database Name inside Stored Procedure in SQL Server - TSQL Tutorial/ SQL Server Tutorial

We often come across different scenarios where we need to switch the database name inside stored procedure. Let's take a look for few of scenarios below

  1. We have never introduced Audit Columns to our tables on SQL Server Instance such as ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn. Now we want to add these two columns to all the tables on SQL Server Instance.
  2. We want to get the record count for all the tables in SQL Server Instance. That includes any Database on our Current SQL Server Instance.
  3. We have enabled CDC on multiple Databases on our SQL Server Instance, we want to get the list of tables from multiple Databases on which CDC is enabled.

In all above scenarios we have to switch Database to get the required results. In our below example we are creating a stored procedure that should return us all the user tables on SQL Server Instance from User databases with record count. To get the record count we have to run our query on each Database. We will be using Dynamic SQL to change the database scope for our query so we can get results from that Database.

You can use Dynamic SQL to change the Database Name and run query against that database as shown in below example.

USE Test

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.GetTableRecordCountForSQLInstance
    --Drop Temp table if exists to save record count for all the tables on SQL Server Instance
    IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..##RecordCount') IS NOT NULL
        DROP TABLE ##RecordCount

    CREATE TABLE ##RecordCount (
        DatabaseName VARCHAR(500)
        ,TableName VARCHAR(500)
        ,RecordCount INT

    --Use Cursor to Loop through Databases
    DECLARE @DatabaseName AS VARCHAR(500)

    FROM sys.databases
    WHERE database_id > 4

    OPEN CDCCursor

    FROM CDCCursor
    INTO @DatabaseName

        DECLARE @DBName AS NVARCHAR(500);

        SET @DBName = QUOTENAME(N'' + @DatabaseName + '');

        --USE Dynamic SQL To change the Database Name 
        EXEC (
                N'USE ' + @DBName + N'; EXEC(''
Insert into ##RecordCount
Select DB_Name() AS DatabaseName,,s.rows from sysindexes s
inner join sys.tables t
and t.is_ms_shipped=0

        FETCH NEXT
        FROM CDCCursor
        INTO @DatabaseName

    CLOSE CDCCursor


    --Return DatabaseName,TableName and Record Count from Temp Table
    SELECT *
    FROM ##RecordCount

You can create this stored procedure in any of the Database you want. Once you run the Stored Procedure, It is going to get the user databases list and then use Cursor to loop through. Inside the Cursor we are using Dynamic SQL to change the scope of Query to Database by using USE statement.

SQL Server Video Tutorial: Detailed Video how to Change DB Name inside Stored Procedure


  1. Simply awesome!!! I did not find this solution anywhere else!!! This Works well!!! Very Good Content!!!

  2. We can also use sp_MSforeachdb for switching the database name in the script.

    for eg: we have a synonym and need to get the list of databases under which that synonym has been created.

    DECLARE @command VARCHAR(1000);
    SELECT @command = 'use [?] select ''[?]'' DBName, db_id(parsename(base_object_name, 3)) as dbid
    , object_id(base_object_name) as objid
    , base_object_name
    from sys.synonyms where name=''Synonym Name'';';
    EXEC sp_MSforeachdb @command