Load Multiple Sheets from Multiple Excel Files to Different SQL Server Tables in SSIS Package

In this video post, you will learn how to load multiple sheets from multiple excel files to different SQL Server Tables.
We often has these types of requirements where on single Excel file we have multiple sheets and each sheet is different by columns and we have to load the data from those sheets to different
SQL Server Tables.

In this video you will learn following Items

  1. How to Load Data from Excel To SQL Server Table
  2. How to use Data Conversion Transformation in SSIS To Convert Data thta we extracted from Excel to required Destination Data type
  3. How to use OLE DB Destination to Load Data to SQL Server Table
  4. Use For-each Loop Container to loop throgh Excel files from a Folder
  5. How to use Variables in SSIS Package to save Folder path
  6. How to Write Expressions on Excel Connection Manager to Handle Multiple File Loads.
  7. How to use DelayValidation property in SSIS Package

Load Multiple Sheets from Excel Files to Different SQL Server Tables in SSIS Package


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