How to Create a SQL Server Agent Job that Calls Another Job - SQL Server DBA Tutorial

In this video you will learn step by step process of creating SQL Server agent job that calls another job on same SQL Server instance or remote SQL Server using T-SQL Script. It also explains what is required to connect to remote SQL Server in this scenario (Creating Linked Server) or using power-shell script to connect to remote SQL Server. It also provides a resolution to an error " The server doesn't allow RPC connection or RPC is disabled on the server"

Script to call SQL Server Agent Job inside another SQL Server Agent Job from Same Server or other instance.

--Call another job on same SQL Server
USE msdb 
EXEC dbo.sp_start_job N'BackupAlldb' 

--Call another job on different SQL Server 
-- Requires Linked server 
EXEC [TBSSQL\SQLPROD].[msdb].dbo.sp_start_job N'BackupAlldb'

How to Call SQL Server Agent Job/s from Another SQL Server Agent Job