How to Configure CPU Affinity? Step by Step process

This article illustrates how to configure CPU affinity in Windows 7, in higher windows versions, process is more or less the same.

Step 1. Right click on your task bar and click on start task manager

Fig 1. How to configure CPU Affinity

Step 2. Right click on any running application and click on go to process or you can click on Process Tab on the top menu.

Fig 2. How to configure CPU Affinity

Step3. Right click on the process that you would like to configure CPU Affinity of and click on set affinity 

Fig 3. How to configure CPU Affinity

Step 4. Select number of CPUs to assign it to this particular process, in my case, I have select CPU 1 and CPU 3 for this process.

Fig 4. How to configure CPU Affinity

Step 5. You can click on Resource Governor and select your process and view the CPU Usage.

Fig 5. How to configure CPU Affinity

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