How to Drop Database which is in Single User Mode in SQL Server - SQL Server Tutorial


You are working as SQL Server DBA or developer, You have put the database in Single User Mode. Now you would like to drop the database.But when you use below statement to drop it gives you either of one error.

Msg 924, Level 14, State 1, Line 27
Database '' is already open and can only have one user at a time.

Msg 3702, Level 16, State 4, Line 9
Cannot drop database "" because it is currently in use.

The next step you took, used the

EXEC sp_who2

It returned you all processes but you don't see the database name in the list. Means no process is running. You tried to drop the database again but received the same error as given above.

Now you used below query to get more information and hoping it should return you the processid so you can kill it and then drop the database.

Select * from sys.sysprocesses
where DB_Name(dbid)='YourDBName'

This query does not return you any record. That is disappointing. It is not letting us drop the database and complaining process is running on it and when we try to find , it can't find it.


Instead of using sp_who2 and sys.sysprocesses, use below query and kill the spid.

SELECT request_session_id
FROM   sys.dm_tran_locks
WHERE  resource_database_id = DB_ID('YourDBName')

Once above query return session id, use below to kill it. Let's say if above query return you 56. you will run Kill 56.

Kill Spid

Once you kill the Process id, you can go ahead run drop database statement. It should drop the Database which is in Single User Mode without any problem.

drop database [YourDatabaseName]

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