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Map Data Type in Cassandra

Map type in Cassandra is used to store one related item to another item in key-value pair. To create Map type, you have to start with Map and then provide the two data types for items e.g Map<item1 data type,item 2 data type>.
Let's create a table tbs with columns Id, ParentName and Children. We will create Children column of Map type with items data type of date and text.
CQLSH:techbrotherstutorials>CREATE TABLE tbs 
                          id INT PRIMARY KEY, 
                          parentname TEXT, 
                          children MAP<date, 
                          text> );
Let's insert a record in table by using CQL insert statement. To insert data into Map Type, you have to use {key-pair value, key-pair value,.............}
CQLSH:techbrotherstutorials>INSERT INTO tbs 
                        {'2001-10-03':'Ali', '2002-10-03':'Rida'} 
Select the data from table by using CQL Select statement.

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