How to Drop or Delete all Triggers from a Database in SQL Server

Sometime we have requirement to delete/drop all the triggers from a SQL Server Database. The below code can be used to drop all the triggers on all the tables you have created in a SQL Server database. Before you go ahead and run this script, please make sure you have chosen correct database and server as it will delete all the triggers from chosen SQL Server Database.

USE [Database]
DECLARE @TriggerName AS VARCHAR(500)
 -- Drop or Delete All Triggers in a Database in SQL Server 
  SELECT AS TriggerName
FROM   sys.triggers TRG
INNER JOIN sys.tables TBL
ON TBL.OBJECT_ID = TRG.parent_id 
OPEN DropTrigger
 FETCH Next FROM DropTrigger INTO @TriggerName 
SET @SQL='Drop Trigger ' + @TriggerName
PRINT 'Trigger ::' + @TriggerName
+ ' Droped Successfully'
FETCH Next FROM DropTrigger INTO @TriggerName


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  11. Great info. Thanks.
    However, you need delimiters around the trigger name e.g.
    SET @SQL='Drop Trigger [' + @TriggerName + ']'

    Otherwise may fail.