How to get list of All Disabled/Enabled Triggers in SQL Server Database

The below query can be used to get the list of all enabled/disabled Triggers in SQL Server Database.
You can use the is_disabled column in sys.triggers table to filter the records according to your requirement.

SELECT                   AS TableName,
Schema_name(TBL.schema_id) AS Table_SchemaName,                   AS TriggerName,
WHEN TRG.is_disabled = 0 THEN 'Enable'
ELSE 'Disable'
END                        AS TRG_Status 
FROM   sys.triggers TRG
INNER JOIN sys.tables TBL
ON TBL.OBJECT_ID = TRG.parent_id 
AND trg.is_disabled=1 --use this filter to get Disabled/Enabled Triggers

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