Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services Video Tutorial

This playlist is dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services also known as LCS. This playlist contains videos from overview to detailed usage, functionality and configuration of all the tools that LCS offer. After watching this playlist, viewer will be able to learn, what is Microsoft dynamics lifecycle services, usage and functionality of different tools such as Business Process Modeler, System Diagnostics, Customization Analysis, Issue search, License sizing Estimator, infrastructure Estimator, cloud hosted environment, cloud powered environment and configuration manager.

  1. Overview of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  2. How to install System Diagnostic Services in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  3. How to Use System Diagnostic Discovery Services in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  4. How to use Customization Analysis tool in Microsoft dynamics Lifecycle Services
  5. How to use Issue Search Tool in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle services
  6. How to use Upgrade Analysis Tool in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle services
  7. How to use Business Process Modeler BPM Tool Microsoft Dynamics Lifecyle Services
  8. How to Record a Business process in advance mode in Microsoft Dynamics AX R2
  9. How to edit and upload Business Process video to use in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecyle Services
  10. How to create Business Process Library on Microsoft Dynamics Lifecyle Services
  11. How to configure Task Recorder for advance mode in Microsoft Dynamics AX R2
  12. How to build a Package to upload a business process to Microsoft Lifecycle Services
  13. How to apply Task Recorder hotfix for  Advance recording in Microsoft Dynamics AX R2


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