FIND_IN_SET Function - How to find position of string in Comma separate values list

FIND_IN_SET Function - How to find position of string in Comma separate values list

FIND_IN_SET function is used to find the position of string in list of comma separated values. FIND_IN_SET can return depending upon the searched value and values present in comma separated list.


FIND_IN_SET( StringtoFind,Comma_Separated_String_List);

  1. Either StringToFind or Comma_Separated_String_List is null, then output is going to be null for find_in_set.
  2. Find_IN_Set will return zero if the StringtoFind is not present in Comma_Separated_String_List.
  3. If StringtoFind is present in Comma_Separated_String_List then positive number will be returned.
Below is example that covers all above scenarios or result set returned by find_in_set.

Select find_in_set('aamir',null),

How to use Find_in_set in MySQL to find the position in Comma Delimited value list


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