How to drop or disable Auto_Increment Property of column in MySQL Table - MySQL Developer Tutorial

How to drop or disable Auto_Increment Property of column in MySQL Table

Let's say that you have created auto increment on a column in MySQL table. You need to disable or remove it. You don't want to drop the column but moving forwarding you don't need to have auto increment, instead you would like to insert the values in column manually.

To disable or remove the auto increment from a column in MySQL Table, you can simply Modify the column with same data type but without auto_increment clause.

Let's say if I have customer table with auto increment column "idcustomer" and I would like to remove the auto increment property or feature, I can use below syntax.

ALTER TABLE customer 
modify idcustomer int(11);

The idcustomer column was already int(11) , I used the statement to modify the column so Auto increment can be dropped.

Drop or disable auto increment property of column in MySQL Table - MySQL Tutorial

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