How to Calculate Running Total in Kusto | Row cumsum function in Kusto Query Language

 Topic: How to Calculate Running Total in Kusto

In this video we are going to learn about row underscore com sum function this function calculates the cumulative sum of a column in a serialized row set that means we can find the running total, Kusto Query Language is a powerful tool to explore your data and discover patterns, identify anomalies and outliers, create statistical modeling, and more. The query uses schema entities that are organized in a hierarchy similar to SQL's: databases, tables, and columns. A Kusto query is a read-only request to process data and return results.

 // row_cumsum() - Calculates the cumulative sum of a column in a serialized row set.  
 //create Table and Insert Sample Data in Azure Data Explorer DB for Testing  
 .drop table TotalSale  
 .create table TotalSale (  
   id: int   
   ,SalePersonFName: string  
   ,SalePersonLName : string  
   ,ProductName : string  
   ,ItemsSold : int  
   ,SoldPrice :real  
   ,SoldDate: date  
   ,City : string  
   ,State : string  
   ,Country : string  
   ,Region : string  

      //Insert data  
       .ingest inline into table TotalSale <|  
 11,Tamara,Tony,Cell Phone,2,1200,2015-03-03,Frankfurt,Hesse,Germany,Europe  
 3,Christy,Ladson,TV,3,1600,2015-04-02,High Point,NC,USA,North America  
 7,Chirag,Patel,Cell Phone,5,1500,2015-06-23,AhmadAbad,Gujrat,India,Asia  
 2,M,Raza,Cell Phone,2,800,2015-07-15,Charlotte,NC,USA,North America  
 4,John,Rivers,Laptop,5,2400,2014-03-09,Jersey City,NJ,USA,North America  
 1,Aamir,Shahzad,TV,1,700,2015-07-15,Charlotte,NC,USA,North America  
 12,aamir,Shahzad,TV,1,7000,2015-07-15,Charlotte,NC,USA,North America  

 //how to use running total in Kusto  
 | order by SoldDate asc  
 | serialize RunningTotal=row_cumsum(ItemsSold)  
 | project id,SalePersonFName,SalePersonLName,ItemsSold,SoldPrice,RunningTotal  

 //Running total by Region  
 | order by Region,ItemsSold  
 | project id,SalePersonFName,SalePersonLName,ItemsSold,SoldPrice,SoldDate,Region,RunningTotal=row_cumsum(ItemsSold, Region != prev(Region))  

Video Demo: How to Calculate Running Total in Kusto | Row cumsum function in Kusto Query Language 


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