Max and Maxif to get max values in Kusto Query Language | Kusto Query Language Tutorial KQL 2022

Topic: Max and Maxif to get max values in Kusto Query Language 

In this video we are going to learn about max and maxif functions, this function returns the max value across the group for which your predicate evaluates to true, Kusto Query Language is a powerful tool to explore your data and discover patterns, identify anomalies and outliers, create statistical modeling, and more. The query uses schema entities that are organized in a hierarchy similar to SQL's: databases, tables, and columns.

 // max and maxif - Returns the maximum value across the group for which Predicate evaluates to true.  
 //create Table and Insert Sample Data in Azure Data Explorer DB for Testing  
 .drop table TotalSale  
 .create table TotalSale (  
   id: int   
   ,SalePersonFName: string  
   ,SalePersonLName : string  
   ,ProductName : string  
   ,ItemsSold : int  
   ,SoldPrice :real  
   ,SoldDate: date  
   ,City : string  
   ,State : string  
   ,Country : string  
   ,Region : string  
      //Insert data  
       .ingest inline into table TotalSale <|  
 11,Tamara,Tony,Cell Phone,2,1200,2015-03-03,Frankfurt,Hesse,Germany,Europe  
 3,Christy,Ladson,TV,3,1600,2015-04-02,High Point,NC,USA,North America  
 7,Chirag,Patel,Cell Phone,5,1500,2015-06-23,AhmadAbad,Gujrat,India,Asia  
 2,M,Raza,Cell Phone,2,800,2015-07-15,Charlotte,NC,USA,North America  
 4,John,Rivers,Laptop,5,2400,2014-03-09,Jersey City,NJ,USA,North America  
 1,Aamir,Shahzad,TV,1,700,2015-07-15,Charlotte,NC,USA,North America  
 12,aamir,Shahzad,TV,1,7000,2015-07-15,Charlotte,NC,USA,North America  
 //Get the Max value across table  
 | summarize max(SoldPrice)  
 // get max value for each Region  
 | summarize max(SoldPrice) by Region  
 //using max by using Region by using maxif  
 | summarize maxif(SoldPrice,Region=="Asia")  
 | summarize maxif(SoldPrice,ItemsSold>3)  

Video Demo: Max and Maxif to get max values in Kusto Query Language | Kusto Query Language Tutorial KQL 2022

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