Kusto Query Language (KQL) Tutorial


  1. How to Install Azure Data Explorer and Start Writing Kusto Query
  2. Tools to Connect to Azure Data Explorer and Write Kusto Query
  3. Database Management Commands For Azure Data Explorer by using Kusto Query
  4. Data Types and How to Create Table by using Kusto Query
  5. How to Add or Remove Columns in Table by Kusto Query
  6. Docstring in Kusto Add descriptive information for Table, Column or Function Kusto
  7. How to move Tables in Folders and Subfolders by Using Kusto 
  8. How to Create Empty table by Using Definition of Another Existing Table in Kusto Query
  9. How to Create Table, Drop Table and Rename Table in Kusto
  10. How to Create Single or Multiple Tables in Single Statement by using Kusto
  11. How to get List of Tables, Schema of Table and Definition of Tables in Kusto
  12. How to Recover Dropped Table in Kusto
  13. How to Clear Table Data by using Kusto Query Language
  14. How to Change the Data Type of a Column in Table by Using Kusto Query 
  15. How to Drop Single or Multiple Columns from Table by using Kusto Query 
  16. How to Rename Column of a Table by Using Kusto Query 
  17. How to use StormEvents Sample Table for Kusto Queries
  18. How to Select Data from Table by Using Kusto Query
  19. How to use Where Clause in Kusto Query 
  20. Kusto String Functions in Kusto Query Language 
  21. How to use Search Operator in Kusto to find Records for specific Keywords
  22. How to Use Count Operator in Kusto Query 
  23. Kusto Limit Operator and Take Alias 
  24. How to use Find Operator to Search Data in Multiple Tables in Azure Data Explorer DB by using Kusto
  25. Print Operator in Kusto Query 
  26. How to Use Ago and Now Functions in Kusto 
  27. How to Use Sort Operator in Kusto 
  28. How to Use Datatable Operation in Kusto to Create Temporary Table 
  29. How to Use Distinct Operator in Kusto to Get Unique Records 
  30. How to Use Extend to Add Calculated Columns in Kusto 
  31. How to Use Top Operator in Kusto Query to Get Top N Records 
  32. Serialize Operator Add Row Numbers to Result Sets 
  33. Kusto String Functions with Case Sensitivity 
  34. Kusto Query String Functions with Not
  35. Case Function in Kusto Query | Azure Data Explorer | Kusto Query Language Tutorial (KQL)
  36. How to use iif for IF ELSE in Kusto Query 
  37. How to Use Min and Max Function in Kusto Query 
  38. Kusto Query Using Sum and Sumif 
  39. Getschema Operator in Kusto Query Get Data Types of Columns of Table 
  40. Min and MinIf in Kusto Query | Azure Data Explorer 
  41. Kusto Query strcat How to Concatenate Columns in Kusto 
  42. How to Use Between and Not Between in Kusto Query 
  43. How to use project operator to select required columns in Kusto
  44. Next Function in Kusto Query 
  45. Parse Operator In Kusto Query 
  46. How To Use dccount get estimate in Kusto Query Language 
  47. Max and Maxif to get max values in Kusto Query Language 
  48. Using Let in Kusto Query language to Declare Variable, Functions and Views 
  49. How to Find Duplicate Records in Kusto Query Language 
  50. How to Calculate Running Total in Kusto | Row cumsum function in Kusto Query Language | KQL Tutorial
  51. How to find Running Total in Kusto | Prev Function in Kusto Query | Kusto Query Language Tutorial
  52. How to Generate Row Numbers in Kusto | Row Number Function in Kusto | Kusto Query Language Tutorial
  53. How to Use Row Rank Function in Kusto | Row Rank Function | Kusto Query Language Tutorial 
  54. How to Use To Scalar Function in Kusto | To Scalar Function in Kusto Query Language | KQL Tutorial
  55. How to Generate Series in Kusto | Kusto Make series function | Kusto Query Language Tutorial 
  56. Standard Deviation of Series in Kusto | Series Stats Get the Min, Max, Avg, | Kusto Query Tutorial
  57. External Table Read Data From File Blob Storage in Kusto Query | Kusto Query Language Tutorial 
  58. Facet Operator in Kusto Query (KQL) Generate Tables for each Column in Kusto Query Language 
  59. Split Function in Kusto Query (KQL) How to split string into values in Kusto Query Language 
  60. Lookup Operator in Kusto Query (KQL) 
  61. Range Operator in Kusto Query Language | Generate Number Sequence or Date Range in Kusto Query 
  62. Join Operator in Kusto Query | How to Do inner join ,Left Join, Right Join, Full Outer Join (KQL)
  63. DateTime part function in Kusto | How to get Year, Month and Day from DateTime 
  64. How to Format Date and Time in Kusto Query 
  65. Summarize Aggregate Functions in Kusto Query Language 
  66. Cross Cluster and Cross Database Queries | Join Data Across Different Databases in Kusto Query (KQL)
  67. IsNull and IsEmpty Functions in Kusto Query Language 
  68. How to use Union Operator in Kusto Query Language 


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