How to Install Multiple MySQL Servers on a Windows Machine - MySQL DBA Tutorial

How to Install Multiple MySQL Servers on Windows Machine

demo explains the limitations that we can't install the MySQL multiple Servers on same machine by using MySQL Installer. Below are the steps you have to perform to install another MySQL server on windows machine on which you already have installed MySQL.

  1. Create a new folder on C drive, let's say MYSQLDEV
  2. Copy all the folders from c:\programfile\MySQL\ MySQL Server XX to MYSQLDEV
  3. Search for my.ini in %PROGRAMDATA%\MySQL and copy to MYSQLDEV and also copy Data directory
  4. Change the port for [client] and [mysqlid] in mysqldev.ini file, I have updated to 3307
  5. 5Change the basedir and datadir location to new location
  6. Execute mysqld --install MYSQLDEV --defaults-file="c:/MYSQLDEV/mysqldev.ini"
  7. Start the services net start MYSQLDEV
  8. Connect to MySQL mysql -u root --Port=3307
  9. Run show variables where variable_name in ('hostname','port');
  10. Change the root password if you need to for newly installed MySQL service by using     ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'MyNewPass';

How to install multiple MySQL Servers on single Windows Machine


  1. hi, how to solve the error after run the net start MYSQLQA.
    The error is:
    The service did not report an error. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3534.

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