How to Install MySQL on Windows Machine in Real time - MySQL DBA Tutorial

How to Install MySQL on Windows Machine in Real time

demo explains

  • How to download MySQL 8.0.13  Community version for Microsoft Windows
  • How to Install MySQL by using windows Installer step by step
  • Choose the right application from variety of options such as Development, Full, Server Only etc.
  • Follow steps to configure MySQL during installation and provide Root User password and create another user if required.
  • Save the Installation logs for reference
  • To follow step by step tutorial for MySQL DBA for beginner to Advance

How to Install MySQL 8.0 on Windows Machine step by step 


  1. Excellent Video Sir, i have been a SQL DBA with good knowledge after seeing your all SQL DBA video.

    Now i m working in MYSQ as well but i m not able to work on Master Slave and GTID Replication and extradb cluster in mysql. Could you please make some comprehensive video on those above topic. it will be great helpful for us. Please sir it is my/ OUR humble request to you. Thanks,

  2. For better work with MySQL database I found different tools. The one of them is mysql provider.