MySQL DBA Tutorial Beginner to Advance


  1. How to Install MySQL 8.0.13 on Windows Machine in Real time
  2. How to download and Install WorkBench for MySQL on Windows Machine
  3. How to install different versions of MySQL server on same Windows Machine
  4. How to Change MySQL Data directory location in Windows
  5. How to Uninstall MySQL from Windows Machine Step by Step
  6. How to Uninstall or Remove Multiple MySQL Servers from Windows Machine
  7. How to Remove or Uninstall MySQL WorkBench from Windows Machine
  8. How to Stop MySQL or Start MySQL Server on Windows Machine
  9. How to connect from windows command prompt to MySQL command line
  10. How to find Data Directory Location in MySQL on Windows Machine
  11. How to find the location of my.ini file for MySQL Server on Windows Machine
  12. How to find on which port MySQL Server running on Windows Machine
  13. How to Install MySQL 8.0 on Linux CentOS
  14. How to Install MySQL 8.0 on Linux RHEL
  15. How to uninstall or remove MySQL from Linux CentOS or RHEL
  16. Where to find my.cnf file in linux for MySQL Server 


  1. How to Connect to a MySQL Server Remotely with MySQL Workbench
  2. How to create new database with MySQL Workbench
  3. Check default character set / Collation of MySQL Server by using Workbench
  4. How to Import CSV file in MySQL Table by using MySQL Workbench
  5. How to export MySQL table data to JSON file by using MySQL Workbench
  6. How to Import JSON file to MySQL Table by using Workbench
  7. How to Export data to CSV file by using MySQL Workbench
  8. How to Make a copy of a MySQL Table in MySQL Server by using MySQL Workbench
  9. How to search data in single or multiple tables in MySQL Databases by MySQL Workbench
  10. Search or Filter tables with MySQL Workbench
  11. View all columns in a database in MySQL Workbench (Schema Inspector)
  12. How to get Information about TableRows,Size,Indexes,FK,Pk etc. in MySQL Workbench
  13. Change the Limit of Row Retrieved in MySQL Workbench
  14. How to run Multiple SQL Queries in MySQL Workbench
  15. How to export Grid Results to CSV, JSON, Excel, HTML or other formats in MYSQL Workbench
  16. How to search for a specific column name in all the tables in MySQL Workbench 
  17. How to connect to Multiple MySQL Servers by using MySQL Workbench
  18. MySQL error code: 1175 during UPDATE in MySQL Workbench
  19. How to create user and provide permission by using MySQL Workbench
  20. How to generate the whole database script in MySQL Workbench
  21. How to generate database scripts with Data by using MySQL Workbench
  22. Export tables with MySQL Workbench with INSERT statements
  23. How to import .sql file to MySQL by using MySQL Workbench 
  24. Importing large sql files into MySQL without loading in MySQL Workbench
  25. How to Change Query Font, Grid Result Font etc. in MySQL Workbench
  26. How to create a table by using MySQL Workbench
  27. How to copy database from one MySQL Instance to another by using MySQL Workbench
  28. Move your data from One MySQL Server to Another (Schema Tranfer Wizard) 
  29. How to get a table creation script in MySQL Workbench
  30. How to Manage MySQL Connections into Group in MySQL Workbench
  31. How to use Performance Reports in MySQL Workbench
  32. How to check Server Status by using MySQL Workbench
  33. How to check Current Connections to MySQL Server by using Workbench
  34. How to Export each Database Table to separate SQL file with Data in MySQL Workbench
  35. How to check MySql workbench query history such as Alert, Select, Delete etc.
  36. How to Import Multiple SQL files to Database by using Data Import / Restore in MySQL Workbench
  37. Get the database model (Reverse Engineer) from a MySQL database in Workbench
  38. How to Compare two Databases using MySQL Workbench
  39. How to synchronize two databases by using MySQL Workbench
  40. Exporting query results in MySQL Workbench beyond 1000 records
  41. How to change MySQL Workbench Themes
  42. How do I quickly rename a MySQL database (change schema name)


  1. MySQL Error log Configuration for MySQL on Windows & MySQL on Linux
  2. How to Enable Binary Logging for MySQL Server on Windows and Linux Machine
  3. How to Enable Genera Query Logging in MySQL Windows & Linux
  4. How to Enable Slow Query Logging for MySQL Server on Windows and Linux Machine
  5. How to use perror to get details about Error in MySQL

Backup / Restore

User Management



  1. How to import a large csv database like 4gb into a mysql database?

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