Real Time MariaDB Interview Questions

MariaDB Interview Questions


  1. What is MariaDB?
  2. What versions of MariaDB you have worked on?
  3. What are the steps to Install  MairaDB on windows Machine?
  4. What are steps to install  MariaDB on Linux Machine?
  5. What are the steps to install MariaDB with Galera cluster on multiple Nodes?
  6. How to change the default data directory after installation of MariaDB or MySQL?
  7. How you will reset root password after installation of MariaDB?
  8. You need to uninstall MariaDB from Windows Machine, how would you do that?
  9. You need to uninstall  MariaDB from Linux Machine, Which command you will use to uninstall MairaDB?
  10. After Installation, how would you check if MariaDB service is running?
  11. How to restart  MariaDB Service?
  12. How to Stop MariaDB Service?
  13. What steps you will take if you need to upgrade mariadb from old version to new version?
  14. What steps you will need to perform if you need to migration from MySQL to MariaDB?


  1. How many different types of logging available in MariaDB?
  2. where would you find errors for MariaDB?
  3. If you need to find all the statement ran on MairaDB , Where will you find them?
  4. If you need to find which delete, update or insert statements in MariaDB were executed , where you will try to find them?
  5. You have executed FLUSH LOGS, will that delete the error log file in MariaDB?
  6. The developers are complaining that the some queries are running slow on MariaDB, Where will you find the long running queries?
  7. You are asked to find all the queries which are running on MairaDB which are not using indexes, where you will find those queries?
  8. Junior DBA has enabled slow query logging,general log and error logging for MariaDB, how will you check where the log files are saving?
  9. How would you enable the syncing of binary logs to disk on each commit in MariaDB?
  10. How would you configure the binary logs to get expired after 5 days in MariaDB?

Import / Export

  1. How you will import CSV file to MySQL or MairaDB Table?
  2. Which command do you use to export results to CSV file in MySQL or MariaDB?
  3. Can you export the results to JSON from MySQL or MairaDB?
  4. Which free Graphical User Interface tools are available to Manage MySQL or MariaDB?
  5. How to import multiple files to MariaDB or MySQL table?

Backup / Restore

  1. How would you perform backup of a database in MairaDB?
  2. You need to create a new directory with timestamp every time you run the backup job and take the backup of all databases in new created directory, how would you do that?
  3. You are running low on disk, you need to create zip backups for MariaDB databases, how would you perform zip backups?
  4. You have 100 tables in a database but you need to take backup of only single table, how would you perform backup of single table in MariaDB?
  5. How would you backup every table from a database to separate file in MariaDB?
  6. How would you backup all Databases to single file in MariaDB?
  7. You are backing-up large database, how will you monitor the progress of backup in MariaDB?
  8. How would you restore a database in MariaDB?
  9. A database has created the zip backup files, you need to restore them in MariaDB , how would you do that?
  10. A single backup file was created for 10 databases, you need to restore only single database out of that backup file, what steps you will perform to restore single database from file which has backup of all databases in MariaDB?
  11. Is there a way to monitor the Restore progress of a database in MariaDB?
  12. You need to run backups on schedule , how would you schedule the backups every 30 minutes?
  13. You are using mysqldump to create the backups, you need to create backup user for that. What permissions "backupuser" need?

Global Variables

  1. How you will set the max connections to 200 in MariaDB?
  2. If you need to set the InnoDB buffer pool to 80% of your server RAM, how would you do that in MariaDB?
  3. You are getting complain from developers that they can't create large temporary tables, how would you check and increase the temporary table size in MariaDB?
  4. What is heap table and can you set the max size of heap table in MariaDB?
  5. You want to enable the query cache to improve the performance of query execution, how would you enable Query cache for all queries in MariaDB?
  6. You need to create an event and schedule it, How would you schedule it in MariaDB?
  7. How would you change the server level collation in MariaDB?

Security / Permissions

  1. How to create a user "myuser" that should be only able to connect from machine with ip in MariaDB?
  2. You need to create a user "dba" that should be able to connect to MariaDB from any machine?
  3. You need to create login/user for your team "DBA", that should have all the permissions like root, What permissions you will provide to "DBA" user in MariaDB?
  4. You have created a user "MariaDBUser", but the forgot the password, How can you reset password of a user in MairaDB?
  5. You need to check the permission of a user in MariaDB, which command you will use to check the permission of a user in MariaDB?
  6. For Audit purpose you need to provide list of all users on MariaDB server, where you can get the information in MariaDB?
  7. For Audit purpose , you need to provide all users with permissions , which table can provide you that information in MariaDB?
  8. What is Role in MariaDB, How to create a Role and why we need to create Role in MariaDB?
  9. You need to change the password for Root user in MariaDB, how would you do that?
  10. You have created a user "DBAUser" that you need to rename to "dba", how can you do that in MariaDB?
  11. How to provide only Select permission on a table in a databases in MariaDB?
  12. How would you remove all anonymous users?
  13. You need to create a user which can also grant the permissions on the objects which he/she has the permissions, how would you create the user who can also grant the permissions?

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