How to give permission to User to Grant permissions to Other Users in MySQL Server - MySQL DBA Tutorial

How to use With Grant Option in MySQL Server

If you want the user to grant privileges to other users in MySQL Server, you can use WITH GRANT OPTION. The user will be only able to GRANT the permissions he/she has.


MySQL > GRANT Permission ON Object/s to 'USER'@'Host' WITH GRANT OPTION;

Example : 
Let's say that if we are providing SELECT permission to TB USER on TechBrothers Database. We want to provide permission to TB so he can provide SELECT permission to other user if want. When we will be providing SELECT permission to TB, we will use WITH GRANT OPTION.

MySQL > GRANT Select ON TechBrothers.* to 'TB'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;

MySQL tutorial for beginners - How to use With GRANT OPTION in MySQL Server to provide privileges to User


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