How to Load Excel Files Information to SQL Server Table - SSIS Tutorial

Scenario: Link to Script

You are working as ETL Developer / SSIS Developer for Banking industry. They have process that archive Excel files daily to a folder. There are hundreds / thousands of Excel file sitting in folder. They want to create a table in which they can insert Information such as

  • Folder Path
  • Excel File Name
  • Sheet Name/s from Each Excel file
  • Number of Records per Sheet
  • Last Date Modified
  • Last Access Date
  • File Size in KB
This information is really useful and helpful in different scenario
You estimate the storage and do capactity planning
You need to find data in some file, you will be able to get Sheet Names so you don't have to open it
Data Growth can be estimated as you are going to log Row Count from each sheet
You can tell what time it was access and if somebody make any change to file.


There could be multiple solutions for this requirement, we are going to keep it short and simple and use Script Task with C#. 

Step 1: 
Go ahead and create Table in SQL Server Database by using below DDL Statement so we can store Excel file information.

Create table dbo.ExcelFileInformation(
id int identity(1,1),
FolderPath VARCHAR(255),
FileName VARCHAR(255),
SheetName VARCHAR(255),
Rows Int,
LastDateModified DateTime,
LastAccessTime Datetime,
FileSizeinKB Int)

Step 2:
Open SQL Server Data Tools and Create new SSIS Package in SQL Server Integration Services Project. Create Three variables as shown

FolderPath: From where you would like to access Excel files
SchemaName : Schema of Table in which you want to insert the information. In our case it is dbo
TableName : Table in which you would like to insert this information.In our case it is ExcelFileInformation 

How to load Excel file information in SQL Server Table - Script Task C# SSIS Tutorial

Step 3:
Create ADO.NET Connection. You have to provide SQL Server Instance Name and Database where your table exists. I have renamed to DBConn in my case after creating.
Create ADO.NET Connect to use in Script Task in SSIS Package to Log Excel File information

Step 4:
Bring Script Task to Control Flow Pane and open it by double clicking. Here we will map the variables.
Map Variables in Script Task in SSIS Package to get Excel files information from a folder

Step 5:
Open script Task Editor by clicking on Edit Script button. you will be adding below name spaces under #Region NameSpaces

using System.IO;
using System.Data.OleDb;
using System.Data.SqlClient;

Go to Main() and paste below script

String FolderPath=Dts.Variables["User::FolderPath"].Value.ToString();
            String TableName = Dts.Variables["User::TableName"].Value.ToString();
            String SchemaName = Dts.Variables["User::SchemaName"].Value.ToString();
            var directory = new DirectoryInfo(FolderPath);
            FileInfo[] files = directory.GetFiles();
            //Declare and initilize variables
            string fileFullPath = "";

            SqlConnection myADONETConnection = new SqlConnection();
           myADONETConnection = (SqlConnection)(Dts.Connections["DBConn"].AcquireConnection(Dts.Transaction) as SqlConnection);
            //Get one Book(Excel file at a time)
            foreach (FileInfo file in files)
                   fileFullPath = FolderPath+"\\"+file.Name;
                //Create Excel Connection
                string ConStr;
                string HDR;
                ConStr = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" + fileFullPath + ";Extended Properties=\"Excel 12.0;HDR=" + HDR + ";IMEX=0\"";
                    OleDbConnection cnn = new OleDbConnection(ConStr);
                //Get Sheet Name
                DataTable dtSheet = cnn.GetOleDbSchemaTable(OleDbSchemaGuid.Tables, null);
                string sheetname;
                //Get Row Count for each sheet
           foreach (DataRow drSheet in dtSheet.Rows)
                if (drSheet["TABLE_NAME"].ToString().Contains("$"))
                     OleDbCommand oconn = new OleDbCommand("select count(*) AS RowCnt from [" + sheetname + "]", cnn);
                     OleDbDataAdapter adp = new OleDbDataAdapter(oconn);
                     DataTable dt = new DataTable();
                     string RC = "";
                     foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
                         object[] array = row.ItemArray;
                         RC = array[0].ToString();
 //If sheets start with Numbers, when we read it add extra '(single quote), this will take //care of that part
                     sheetname=sheetname.Replace("'", "");
                    //Prepare Insert Query 
                    string InsertQuery = "";
    // MessageBox.Show("Excel File Name:" + file.Name + " Sheet Name:" + sheetname + "Rows //per Sheet:" + RC + " File Modified Date:" + file.LastWriteTime+" File Size:"+file.Length///1024
                        // +"FileLastAccessTime:"+file.LastAccessTime);

                    InsertQuery=" Insert into ["+SchemaName+"].["+TableName+"] (";
               InsertQuery += "[FolderPath],[FileName],[SheetName],[Rows],[LastDateModified],[LastAccessTime],[FileSizeinKB])";
                    InsertQuery += "Values('" + FolderPath + "','" + file.Name + "','"
sheetname + "','" + RC + "','" + file.LastWriteTime + "','" + file.LastAccessTime + "'," + file.Length / 1024 + ")";

                   // MessageBox.Show(InsertQuery);
                    //Run Insert Query to Insert Data into SQL Server Table 
                     SqlCommand cmd = myADONETConnection.CreateCommand();
                    cmd.CommandText = InsertQuery;

Step 6:
Save all changes in Script Task. Exit the Script Task. Time to run the SSIS Package:)

How to load Excel Files Information to SQL Server Table- Script Task SSIS Tutorial

Things we learnt in this post
How to use C# to get Excel file information and load into SQL Server Table
How to read Row Count From Excel and save into SQL server Table
How to read Excel file name, sheet names, Last Access Date, Last Modified Date and Log it to Table
How to use ADO.NET Connection in Script Task
How to use SSIS Package Variables in Script Task
How to insert information from Script task to SQL Table

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