Patching Or Updating AlwaysOn Availability group Replicas in SQL Server Best Practices - DBA Tutorial

In this video you will learn following:

1- Patching AlwaysOn Availability Group replicas best practices
2- General Steps to update or Patch Availability Group replicas in SQL Server
3- Overview of Availability Group configuration in SQL Server
4- How to change Availability Group configuration setting according to best practices.

Patching/Updating best practices for AG Groups

1-     Make sure manual failover to one of your synchronous commit replica is successful
2-     Take backup of your database
3-     Check consistency of your Database (DBCC) and make sure you don’t get any error on all database involved in AG
4-     Upgrade Remote Replica (if any) first, then local secondary replica and primary should be updated in the end to avoid any potential application downtime
5-     Redirect your backup preferences if secondary replica which is being updated is configured to take backups, during updates, replica cannot perform backups
6-     Remove Automatic failover  from AG to prevent unintended failover during patching/upgrading
7-     If you have synchronous commit replica, manually failover AG to that secondary replica, otherwise please make sure you resume your data movement after you manually failover to asynchronous commit secondary replicas
8-     Disable any monitoring (Alerts) during Patching/Updating process

9-     Disable Replication if you configured replication with AlwaysOn Availability Group Databases

Patching Or Updating AlwaysOn Availability group Replicas in SQL Server Best Practices 

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