Patching or Updating Availability Group with SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance Part 1 - DBA Tutorial

In this video you will learn following:

1- Patching or updating Availability Group replicas when SQL Server is installed in Cluster mode
2- How to failover SQL Server instance from one node to another node in SQL Server?
3- How to apply Patch on secondary replica when Availability Group is setup on the server?
4- How to check if availability group is working fine after patching on secondary replica?
5- How to resume database movement in SQL Server Availability group?

General process steps

1-     Remove Automatic Failover on all synchronous-commit secondary replicas
2-     Upgrade all remote and secondary nodes
3-     Manually failover AG to updated secondary replica
4-     Make sure everything is working fine before you start primary replica
5-     Update primary replica
6-     Manually failback AG to primary replica
7-     Make sure everything is working fine
8-     Configure automatic failover, synchronous commit as it was before upgrade/patching

Patching/Updating AG with one Remote Secondary

1-     Change Synchronous commit to Asynchronous commit (If Any)
2-     Change Automatic Failover to Manual Failover
3-     Make sure AG Group is on Primary Replica
4-     Upgrade Secondary Replica (Remote Secondary)
5-     Failover over to secondary Replica (Remote)
6-     Upgrade Primary Replica
7-     Failback AG to Primary Replica
8-     Set Synchronous commit and Automatic Failover as it was before upgrade

Patching/Updating AG with Failover Cluster Instance



1-     Failover SQL Server instance/instances to CLT01
2-     Upgrade CLT02
3-     Failover SQL Server instances on CLT02
4-     Make sure All works fine
5-     Repeat the process for NY01 and NY02
6-     Manual failover AG to NY instances from CLT

7-     Make sure all works fine.

Patching or Updating Availability Group with SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance Part 1 - DBA Tutorial

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