Read Source and Destination Path of Files from Excel File and Move them in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial


Let's suppose we have a lot of files in our Folder or even sub folder or different folders. Our Team review each of them. Once they are done with Review they put the Source File path and Destination File Path where they file should move. We need to Create an SSIS Package that will read the List of Files from Excel file and then move them to required folder.

What we will learn in this video

  1. How to read the records from Excel file and save into Record Set Destination( Object Type Variable)
  2. How to Loop through records from Object Type variable by using For-each Loop Container
  3. Use File System Task to move the file from Input Folder to Destination Folder

Read File Source and Destination Path from Excel and Move them to Destination Folder in SSIS Package - SSIS Tutorial

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